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We  are  a  local  computer  business  based  in  Newmarket  On  Fergus, County Clare.Almost  all  small  businesses  and  home  offices  use  computers  and depend   on   them   to   be   working   properly.   We   provide   computer support   in   both   a   consulting   and   technical   capacity   to   small business owners as well as home PC users.Everyone's   budget   is   reduced   again   this year.   We   know   you   are under   pressure   to   do   more   with   less.   That   means   it   is   more important    than    ever    to    get    more    out    of    your    existing    IT infrastructure.   So   we   have   focused   this   year   on   optimisation-to help you carve out costs, while better using your existing resources.

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